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These are American citizens standing on a quiet suburban street with fucking incendiary devices rolling down on them. Smoke filling, just surrounding their oak trees, wafting passed their bedroom windows where their children are sleeping in cribs. Would you put up with that? Would you tolerate that? What if it happened right here, right now would we tolerate this? We label these little cities and go, “oh, here’s an event. This is an event that’s gonna begin and it’s gonna end, and there’s an incident going on.”

We keep calling them “incidents” but the police aren’t calling them “incidents” because the POLICE DON’T RENT TANKS for the moment. THEY ACQUIRE THEM gradually, and they’re equipped for this. And more and more and more every single police force is getting more and more military equipment as we go. They’re prepared for this stuff. And it’s NOT going to stop. The noose never loosens, it keeps tightening.

So when you’re looking at live footage of a city in your country where people are being ASSAULTED by the police - side with the people.


— Dan Harmon -
Harmontown Ep. 112 'Popeye is our lord and savior’ (via pheadhones)